Website Optimization using CDN

The term internet has made the world into the small piece in all sectors, where you can access to information, data from any part of the world by using a website.The website act as key tools in each sectors ranging from business to entertainment, So it is important to optimize the website with a network like cdn.


Website optimization

Website optimization is the process of making changes on your web pages to appear in higher the rankings of the website in search engine result page, by updating keywords, relevant content, meta description, building on and off pages links, rich content delivery and resolving technical issues.

Why does website must optimize?

Since website acts as a powerful tool for all business sectors, it is important to maintain a website because your online businesses depend upon on the structure of the website, you will get visitors based on the strength of the website. It should be user-friendly, easy to navigate, fast and responsive and must fill with rich contents, this can allow search engines to optimize the site and allows to appear on the top of the search result.

As website plays the major role in e-business, it is important to optimize, if you are interested in optimizing the response and speed of the website then your website need cdn.


The term cdn stands for content Delivery network or content Distribution Network, it is a range of optimized server for file serving.cdn delivers web pages and other web-based content to a user based on the geographical locations of the users by storing the copy of required data at the various point of the optimized network.

The main focus of the cdn is to avoid traffic and it is effective in speeding the delivery of the content.If a visitor request for a search, servers nearest to the visitor will respond to the request.The cdn communicate with the original server to deliver the requested content that has been previously cached because cdn stores a cached version of the contents in multiple geographical locations to respond to another search on same content.

Why website needs CDN?

If you have a website with good content quality and if it doesn’t load quick enough, then your website is gone.So if you want your visitors to visit, you should be careful of your site loading time because 40% of the users abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Most of the loading time of your website involving waiting for the files to download.This is because of the server response time by each time when a request is triggered, servers crawls through the entire network and fetch the exact match for the request this takes much loading time and sometimes it may get delay due to the slow network, web developer and system administrator.

By implementing a cdn for your website, you can minimize the distance between the visitors and your website’s server , cdn puts your content in many places at once and provides superior coverage to your users by separating the file serving the task of your web server, by connecting to the nearest server to the requested user. By this, you can reduce the load on your server, which allows it to render the site faster and responsive.

CDN vs Traditional

cdn(content delivery network) speed up the access and delivery response of your web page to your users by connecting to the multiple remote servers where the traditional hosting, host your website on single website’s server and let the user access over the internet.This may show the result in loading, response, and delivery.

CDN deliver the requested content to the user by fetching the required information from the user’s nearest located server.By this you can decrease the download and loading time where Traditional web server delivers the requested content to the user from the globally located server, this can increase the traffic and fetching time.

CDN normally refers to a global network of servers and provide the ultra-fast high-quality content from the multi-host environment where traditional web service refer only to the website’s server and provides information from the single host environment.

Key features of CDN

Here are few key features of CND, which makes it be a better for hosting and optimization.


CDN can access to different domains because, Files of CDN are hosted on a different domain and allows to access multiple data and allows to store cached by your browser and won’t need to be downloaded again, without worrying about the traffic.

Built-in version control

CDN allows accessing the specific resources and its additional feature in a single pack.The user can request for the latest version if needed, by this, you can avoid the time for download.


CDN can not only deliver content at a fast pace, they can also offer valuable analytical information depends upon the current trends that could lead to advertising sales and offers the better impression of video views and downloads.

Save Cost

CDN will save your company business by reducing the cost by eliminating the need to pay for high-priced foreign hosting and reduce the load on the server, boot performance and reduce existing hosting cost.

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