PHP – The best programming language for developers

PHP – The best programming language for developers


Now-a-days a lot of programming languages are used by various developers. Every language has its own features. But the majority of the websites, that is around 80% of websites, are built using PHP language.

Below are the reasons as to why PHP is considered as the best programming language,

Easy to learn:

PHP is easy to learn so that many start-up developers prefer it over other languages. It is easy to start a website by knowing only the basics, because there are lots of online forums and useful articles available on the internet for learning.

Works well with HTML:

It is used to add features to your website while the styling and layout can be done with the help of HTML tags. It gels well with HTML. You can use PHP and HTML together in one page without any issues.

Database Support:

Database plays a vital role in all dynamic websites. It supports all major databases by default. We don’t need to install any extra software or driver to integrate those databases. For example, if you are using MYSQL, you just need to connect the database with SQL function.

Easy to Use:

Unlike other programming languages like java , it does not need to be compiled. You just need to write the script and upload it to the server.


It has a lot of frameworks to use for websites that range from simple to complex. And also, it contains a huge set of libraries. Online documentation is also available for all frameworks.

Open Source:

PHP is free of cost, there is no license fee or installation cost. No need to spend money on buying any software for using it. Anyone can use PHP for free.

PHP is the 6th popular programming language according to the TIOBE index( a measure of the popularity of programming languages).

Thus, it plays a major role in the web development industry. Most of the content management system like WordPress, Magento are built with the help of PHP.

Mind Spark Technologies is a leading web and mobile app development company using PHP as the main programming language and following the coding standard in all the projects to deliver high-quality output to every customer.

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