Benefits of having Mobile Applications

Benefits of having Mobile Applications


Mobile applications play a major role in today’s business world.  Some people might think “I am having mobile responsive websites, then why do I need a mobile application for business?”, but those people should understand the advantages of having a mobile application.

Now-a-days every business needs mobile application irrespective of the nature of products, type of business etc. With the help of mobile application, the business person can reach the customer easily and market his/her products.

Mobile applications are faster when compared to websites. It takes only a few seconds to launch and also it  will work in offline mode as well. The business person can send push notifications to their customers about the new products, offers, coupons, etc. Mobile applications are hence very helpful in today’s competitive business.

People use mobile applications not only for business but also for various other functionalities like finding locations, calculations, education, health tips, etc.. Mind Spark Technologies develop mobile applications for all kinds of functionalities.

We developed consumer Mobile applications and publish then under “Coders Unlimited” brand.Our popular Apps include Translate SMS, Geo Responder, Jumbo SMS, Live n Drive, Conversion Calculator, Private SMS, Socially Shareable Resume. These applications have been downloaded in as many as 160+ countries. To know more about our Mobile Applications do visit PlayStore.

Our recently published app Conversion Calculator is a simple and powerful conversion application. We provide unique features which other conversion calculator apps are not able to provide. It is easy to use. Various conversion categories are listed, you can prioritize the categories as per your wish.

Drag and drag option is another great feature of this application. You do not  need to type, just drag and drop the conversion units.There is a swap option to interchange the units in just one click. You can add few units to your favourite list and use it at any time. If you are using particular conversion frequently, you can add it to your favourite list.

The instant output will be provided in text and numeric format for all the calculations.There is an option for multiple conversions as well. It will give you various outputs in one instance.One of the innovative features of this application is, you can able to perform arithmetic calculations inside the input field.

This Conversion Calculator automatically adds delimiter in the output which gives more readability to the output. Auto currency format is an outstanding feature which gives the output in the respective currency format.

You can download this effective application from the PlayStore and use it for free.

Mind Spark Technologies is going to launch the new version of  Socially Shareable Resume in the upcoming month.

Mind Spark Technologies is a leading  Web and Mobile App development company headquartered in Orlando, USA and also has a development center in Coimbatore, India. We not only build mobile responsive websites but also develop mobile applications. Mind Spark Technologies develops mobile applications for Android and iOS devices.

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